Our Products

Premium quality products

At AMS GROUP we always do our best to satisfy our customers needs. Because of our newly installed production lines and drying capacity we are now able to offer our customers more products that are perfectly dried. 

Our main products are firewood, woodchips and sawmill products. 

Premium Dried Firewood


  1. Reliable warmth using a sustainable product

Our premium dried firewood offers you a sustainable and renewable solution to having significantly more reliable fires and added warmth and cosiness to your home.

  1. Top quality premium dried firewood

Premium dried firewood in boxes should not be confused with regular fresh firewood, which is usually sold in bulk or pallets. The biggest difference between them is the moisture content. Fresh firewood typically has a moisture content above 35%, while our premium dried firewood’s moisture content is less than 20% (on average 13-15%). Because of this, premium dried firewood has a higher energy value and is perfect for fires, barbecues, camping fires, etc.

This level of dryness cannot be achieved naturally but only with the help of our advanced technology. After drying, each piece is carefully selected for the perfect size and quality and manually packed in boxes to ensure only the highest quality.

  1. Easy delivery, storage

You will never have problems storing firewood again with our premium dried firewood. Each delivery comes in a durable, presentable, high quality box that fits perfectly in smaller or larger households. Our boxes can be carried to campsites due to their light weight, and they can also be re-used to store other items in it.

The box also has holes on the side allowing the wood to be aired, which is a vital “ingredient” in our premium dried firewood.

Beside Premium Dried Firewood we can also provide our customers with fresh firewood which is usually sold  in pallets (available in various sizes sizes) or in bulk.

Contact us to discuss how we can support you with our premium dried firewood.

Premium Woodchips

Woodchips as a renewable energy source are our core business. 


We are the biggest woodchip supplier in the region and because of new instaled woodchip belt dryer we are now able to provide our customers not only with fresh but also with perfectly dried woodchips.


Anually we can produce more than 100.000,00 tons of fresh and 18.000,00 tons of dry woodchips.

Premium Sawmill Products

Our sawmill production primarily focuses on products from beech, ash, hornbeam, and oak.


With two production lines, 18 drying kilns and two wood steamers we can offer our customers unedged, half-edged and edged boards, planks etc., steamed or unsteamed with different quality.


Our flexibility means the quality of our products is always based on customer needs and can vary between A (four side clean), AB (one side clean), BC (material with two to three knots and red heart allowed on both sides), CD (knots on both sides with heart centre piece), ABC (full cut).


After production, steaming and drying our products are stored in brand new state of the art warehouse.